Crocking Cloths (5x5cm) straight edged

Crocking cloth, also known as cotton lawn or cotton rubbing cloth, is used in a CrockMaster (Crockmeter) to check the amount of dye transfer, following a dry or wet rub fastness test.

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Colour fastness to rubbing is the most basic of colour fastness tests. The dyed sample is rubbed, under controlled conditions, against the white crocking cloth. Subsequently, the degree of colour transfer is evaluated using a Grey Scale for assessing staining.

We offer both ISO and AATCC cloths in accordance with their different specifications. We supply either cut pieces or in roll form. Cut pieces can be ordered with either straight or gimped edges.

Relevant Standards:

  • AATCC TM 132
  • ISO 105-F09

This product is Crocking Cloths (5x5cm) straight edged


Crocking Cloth & Cotton Lawn

Used in a Crockmaster (Crockmeter) to check the amount of dye transfer, following a dry or wet rub fastness test.

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